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Trading360 strictly follow Principle and Stop Loss Policy wherein traders by default agree for not do/enter any trade without Pre Informed/defined Stop Loss.

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We utilize reasonable security technologies to protect sensitive information. However, the security of this information depends in part on the security of the computer you use to communicate with us, the security you use to protect User IDs and passwords, and the security provided by your internet access services provider. We are not responsible for the security of your internet access services provider; you should review the security and privacy policies of your internet access services provider carefully. Information that you access via this Site may be stored on your computer during your session for your convenience. If others have access to your computer or your User ID and password, they may be able to access this information. In any area of the Site requiring a password, you should log off the Site when you are done viewing information or whenever you leave your computer. We are not responsible for the security or privacy of information communicated to or from such a computer. Finally, you should keep any correspondence you receive relating to this Site or the Services (including, but not limited to, your User ID, passwords, other registration information, emails, order information, or any other information) confidential and in a safe place.

E-mail and Website Scams

E-mail is by far the most popular way for criminals to try to get your attention — and your personal information. An e-mail may direct you to a website designed and operated by criminals to trick you into revealing such information. Therefore, treat e-mail from someone you don't know the same way you would treat a telemarketing call from someone you don't know: don't necessarily believe what you're being told.
Fraudulent e-mails and websites are created every day to attempt to steal personal information. It's called "phishing" — a variation of the word "fishing." There are limitless variations of these online scams, so the best defense is education and a healthy dose of skepticism. A few misleading and deceptive techniques in use include the following:

  • The e-mail or website may appear to be genuine.
  • It may include a logo that appears legitimate.
  • It may ask you to click on a link to go to a website — the website address may, at first glance, appear legitimate and imply importance.
  • The e-mail or website may ask for you to supply account numbers, Social Security numbers, personal identification numbers (PINs), passwords or credit card numbers.
  • The e-mail or website may even already contain some of this information and is asking you to confirm the data.
  • You are right to be suspicious of any e-mail or website asking you to supply or confirm any personal information.

As technology and one's ability to detect these scams improves, so, unfortunately, do the criminals. The latest attacks do not even require you to do anything. Merely opening the e-mail can launch "hidden" software — a virus, "spyware" or other malicious code — that will download to and reside on your computer. Should they go undetected, any of these programs could compromise your computer in a variety of ways, including stealing private information, redirecting your Web surfing to unscrupulous sites and transmitting information that you type on your computer directly to the criminals. Therefore you should delete all unwanted and potentially fraudulent e-mails without opening them.
Some fraudulent e-mails, spear-phishing attempts for example, can be very well done and very convincing. These are often created by more sophisticated and more determined criminals who are highly motivated to succeed. More generally, however, most fraudulent e-mails and websites established for fraud may frequently be characterized by the following:

  • Misspellings and other typographical errors
  • Poor grammar
  • Urgent messages in the e-mail subject line
  • Random characters in the e-mail subject line or body
  • "Fuzzy" logos, or logos that are distorted


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Online Privacy Policy

Trading360 appreciates your concerns about the privacy of personal information that you provide through this website. Accordingly, we have posted this policy to explain how we will handle that information.
(Note: Our Online Financial Products and Services, such as Trading360 Online, INFORM may have different online privacy policies. To view the privacy policy for a specific Online Financial Product or Service please click on the Privacy link on that site.)

Privacy of Information Given by You

If you do provide personal information about yourself, such as name, address or telephone numbers, we will endeavor to maintain that information in accordance with our internal policies use and disclosure of confidential information.
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All deals are final. Trading360 offers a free trial evaluation method to ensure that our products and services will designed according to your needs. There will be NO REFUNDS and CANCELLATIONS.
Before deciding to subscribe our services, Please make sure to take our free trial, Which is helpful for evaluation. However we do not offer refunds on any subscriptions that have already been taken.

We h4ly recommend to our visitors before completing payment process:

  • Read all information in detail about our customer services & support.
  • Evaluate the standard of our working style by taking our free trial.
  • Read all About our company and about our Vision, Mission & Values.
  • Read our Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.

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The high leverage can work against you as well as in favor for you. Before deciding to trade in any segments or counters, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, stage of experience, and risk capacity. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with capital market, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor for clear of all the doubts.